RESE 2018 Interview: Nyree Ewings

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RESE 2018 Interview: Matt Lahood

RESE 2018 Interview: Matt Lahood

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RESE 2018 Interview: Tom Panos

RESE 2018 Interview: Tom Panos

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RESE 2018 Interview: Toby Johnstone

RESE 2018 Interview: Toby Johnstone

Interviewer: Thanks for coming in and talking at Rese today! It was really great seeing you and you gave us some really good insights in what’s gonna be happening over the next couple of years and also what’s happening currently. For people that didn’t make it here...


Interviewer: Thanks for talking to Rese today!

Nyree Ewings: Thank you!

Interviewer: It was really good to see you up there. I wanted to get a few takeaways from you and what you’re doing at the moment. So what do you have as inspiration?

Nyree Ewings: I think probably a lot of the other agents that are in the market, I think they’re inspirational for the wrong or right reason. Whether it’s positive or negative. But I think that you can learn a lot from the people that are around you and their behaviors as well, so not just the top agents, but other people in your core market as well.

Interviewer: Sure! That’s really good to hear that when you’re looking around, everyone around you, it makes you so you want to strive to be like who you choose.

Nyree Ewings: You get to choose if you want to stand around the watercooler and gossip about everything that’s happening or just shut the door and keep going.

Interviewer: Sure! And also you said earlier today when you were up on stage you said you wanted to do 130 sales next year. What’s inspired you to do that?

Nyree Ewings: Yeah, I think probably just setting the financial targets was first I wanted to write 1.5 when I close the financial year at $181m. This one. And that was 84 deals so I wanna increase the number of deals increased the commission but then on that following year, do the same number of deals and increase the average sales price too.

Interviewer: Excellent! That’s a huge goal! I look forward seeing you achieve it!

Nyree Ewings: Thank you!

Interviewer: So what do you think are the three most common attributes for a successful agent?

Nyree Ewings: I think knowledge, I always think that’s absolute key no matter what. If you try to converse a buyer or seller, everyone wants to talk about something down the road or around the corner of where there are. It happened 6 weeks ago but in probably in fact happened a few years ago but it felt like 6 weeks to them. So that stock knowledge will always be great. Number two I think would be consistency and I touched on that a little bit early today. Always be consistent about not just results, cause that’s hard to just say to someone that – it’s about who you are and how you market your properties.

Interviewer: Yeah, sure! And the third one?

Nyree Ewings: I don’t know. Being a good person, be authentic and genuine. It’s a skill that you can’t be taught you either are or you’re not. Even everything else about sales and relationship a bit more – and every other skillset used is teachable, being genuine and sincere and actually giving a hell about the outcome.

Interviewer: I’ve been in this day and age, people don’t want to deal with people that aren’t authentic and don’t care. I think those days are gone, people don’t want to deal with those people anymore, they want to deal with real human beings that actually care about the outcome.

Nyree Ewings: It’s got nothing to do with it.

Interviewer: Yeah, exactly! Well cool! Thank you very much for chatting with me today!

Nyree Ewings: You’re welcome!

Interviewer: I really appreciate it!

Nyree Ewings: Thanks for the opportunity!