Interviewer: I just wanted to say thank you so much for obviously being here! Because it really means a lot to me and I know to everybody else.

Tom Panos: Thank you!

Interviewer: You have many things going on –

Tom Panos: I have a lot going on, but I’m smart to know that tough times don’t last, tough people do. Which is another things –

Interviewer: Which is definitely you.

Tom Panos: I’m blessed to have the ability to understand that my current situation is not my final destination and good things are coming.

Interviewer: Yeah, well that’s good. But yeah, I wanted to say from the bottom of our heart, we do appreciate you taking your time because you have been absolutely amazing today and you’ve brought me to tears this morning just because it really does take you to another level and it gives you a reality check of what you’re doing and where you’re going and making sure you’re focusing on the right things in life. So I know that you’ve interviewed 1000s of agents over the years –

Tom Panos: A lot of Coronis people too –

Interviewer: Yeah, Alex recently.

Tom Panos: I’ve interviewed Alex, Andrew and over the years I’ve interviewed various agents that were smashing it at that time. You know? But it’s not just Coronis – I’ve interviewed every network, every group, I’ve had a video blog since 2006 it started as a text blog and then I started doing a video blog where I would interview agents for 20 minutes on what they’re doing to be successful.

Interviewer: Yeah, so over that time, what have you noticed that you would say your biggest key points from all those agents and what they do similarly?

Tom Panos: Ok so Coronis, I would say like hard work is not optional. Right? That is like mandatory, it’s non-negotiable. But hard work it’s not enough, because you can be a really hard worker that seems to concentrate on shit that is not important. People talk about the 80/20 rule, 20% of the stuff you do will bring 80% of the results. Hey, take it even further. There’s been research to say that the 60/40/4 rule is more accurate. What’s it? It’s 80% of the 80% and 20% of the 20%. So what we clearly know is that 4% of the stuff you do is giving you pretty much – what it’s basically saying is 96% of the stuff you do might be a waste of time, you know? So what have I noticed about the people that smash it? Number 1, they seem to have the most amount of appointments in their diary over a 30-day period.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Tom Panos: They just have more appointments.

Interviewer: Have you noticed a number that they go to every month?

Tom Panos: I would say 15 appointments per week. So they have 15 appointments per week with a hot buyer or a hot seller or – they are face to face. They aren’t keyboard warriors. Keyboard warriors are people that are too scared to have a quality conversation Coronis, with people and what they do is they send an email and they say hi, just checking in! Like just checking in. no one needs checking in. what people want is you to solve their problem, right? And I think so I’m trying to answer your question –

Interviewer: So 15 a week.

Tom Panos: 15 a week. The 2nd thing I noticed about really top quality people is they are obsessed with their brand. Lose a listing, lose a sale, but never lose your reputation! And the reason why is a deal is a deal, but a reputation is 100 deals. And in this new world that we live in, guess what? You got a shit reputation, it goes on steroids on Facebook, Google, Insta, LinkedIn. So guard your brand. I mean I don’t care what anyone says. At the end of the day, you can take 20 years to build a reputation and you can lose it in 20 seconds. So that would be the next thing. The third thing would be this. Stop focusing on prospecting to get listings. Prospect to get context, that one day will become a listing because you kept jabbing and jabbing and jabbing and kept on delivering value and then they came a time when the client said hey Tom, can you pop on over? We’re thinking of potentially moving – that can take 2-3 years. So it would be good agents play the long game. All right? They’re probably the things that stand out the most.

Interviewer: We’ve heard a few people mention that today so yeah, very good tips. So for struggling agents out there, people that aren’t where they want to be now, what do you think that the number one prospecting activity they should be doing daily is?

Tom Panos: The number one activity that they should be doing daily is to be speaking to people in their core area, letting them know what is happening in the market. You need if you’re a struggling agent, to get 1000 people that are happy to hear from you on a regular basis. So they need to opt in.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Tom Panos:So I would say what’s the number one thing they should do? Block off their diary from 9 AM to 11 AM  each day. And treat it like an open for inspection, except all they’re doing is talking to prospective clients. That would be it.

Interviewer: Yeah, sure! So you give so much inspiration to other people around you. What do you have as inspiration? What do you use as inspiration?

Tom Panos: So god, higher being, call it whatever you choose to. I have a belief that there was one chance in 400 trillion that you come on to the planet, right? So and you could come as – I’m looking outside as there’s trees. Imagine coming out as a tree. So you’re a tree on a busy street, right? We came here as a human so you have the privilege of coming out unto the planet. So I think to myself god thank you for bringing me into this planet. That’s number one. Number two is that I know Coronis, over the last 1000s of years, there are people that have done incredible things. They might not be alive but – I can open up you know, a book, Steve Jobs’ book. He is dead, but guess what? He inspires me, he’s a mentor. I can open up a book of any person that has done something incredible and I can have a personal relationship – I’ve logged breakfast to them, listening to their podcast. That inspires me. The other things that you know, inspire me is the fact that I have realized – I have to tell you. Coronis, about three weeks ago, I’m doing the bay run.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Tom Panos I will tell you what inspires me. This inspired me.

Interviewer: Ok, good!

Tom Panos: A guy stopped me. I’ve got my earplugs on, he stops me and he was awkward, he was just an awkward sort of guy right? He said have you got a moment? And he said look, I’m not a real estate agent. Anyway, so am I interrupting you? He already interrupted me, so now it’s all good. He goes listen, I watched Sunday night rant a friend of mine liked it and started appearing it and I’ve been watching it for the past 1 ½ or 2 years and I want to let you know that I’m not a real estate agent, but I’m [inaudible] my mom and my dad. I’ve stopped taking drugs, and I’ve got a job – it’s not a great job, but it’s a job. And I just wanna let you know that I want to thank you so much on your videos. Because anyway, I’m really sorry and he just walked away. That inspires me!

Interviewer: Hits you hard!

Tom Panos: That touched my heart cause it was genuine. It wasn’t a guy coming to me at the end of the conference saying – this guy here you could tell through these awkwardness, he changed his life. This guy said mate – he was saying I’ve been watching your videos and it’s connected with me. That inspires me. Having said that, don’t get me wrong. I realize that this 50 people think this guy has got terrible language. I get all of that. But you know what? I’m focusing on that one guy.

Interviewer: Exactly! Thank you! I really appreciate it yet again! It’s been great to spend time with you today as well and I look for ward to seeing you again soon –

Tom Panos: Thank you, Coronis!

Interviewer: Thanks, Tom!