RESE 2018 Interview: Mat Steinwede

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RESE 2018 Interview: Matt Lahood

RESE 2018 Interview: Matt Lahood

Check out other RESE interviewsTranscript Interviewer: Appreciate you speaking at Rese today! Matt Lahood: Pleasure! Interviewer: It means a lot. Matt Lahood: Thank you! Interviewer: I know a lot of people have been forward to you all day and are stoked about you...

RESE 2018 Interview: Tom Panos

RESE 2018 Interview: Tom Panos

Interviewer: I just wanted to say thank you so much for obviously being here! Because it really means a lot to me and I know to everybody else. Tom Panos: Thank you! Interviewer: You have many things going on - Tom Panos: I have a lot going on, but I’m smart to know...

RESE 2018 Interview: Toby Johnstone

RESE 2018 Interview: Toby Johnstone

Interviewer: Thanks for coming in and talking at Rese today! It was really great seeing you and you gave us some really good insights in what’s gonna be happening over the next couple of years and also what’s happening currently. For people that didn’t make it here...


Interviewer: Thank you Matt for coming and speaking at Rese today. I just wanted to ask you some questions so that you can give some takeaways to people that couldn’t join us today.

Mat Steinwed: Go for it!

Interviewer: What’s the number one prospecting activity that you think every agent should be doing to find listings?

Mat Steinwed: I’m just more of a longer term view, so like finding this isn’t always easy so if they just have a number that they stick to every day like 20 people that they will connect with, I think that will set them up for longer term success rather than I don’t know –

Interviewer: Fair enough! Excellent! So what does an elite agent do differently every day to agents that are not getting to where they want to be?

Mat Steinwed: Structure they day differently. Yeah, they just own the time that’s kind of propelling their business forward. Quite often people are just being busy like maybe showing some places and fill their day around with stuff, but they own their prospecting time. Like in the mornings – so they got the energy to give to other people. And then the vendor management – so they block their day in a way. Yeah and they don’t change that.

Interviewer: Ok so you think every elite agent is structuring they day in blocks?

Mat Steinwed: Pretty much. Not just really structured, just like owning an hour for prospecting, it might change a little bit in the day, but they definitely just own that space and time cause that will move your business forward rather than just – I think quite often people just get so busy running around, they’re not slowly, every day moving it to a place where they will make –

Interviewer: So what’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Mat Steinwed: It has nothing to do with real estate. John said to me that success is gonna polarize people. People either like you or hate you and there’s no in the middle. And it’s so true. So yeah, when people just don’t like you and they don’t even know you, I don’t let that bother me anymore.

Interviewer: I thought everyone would like you.

Mat Steinwed: My ex-wife doesn’t. No!

Interviewer: What would be your advice out there to agents that are struggling?

Mat Steinwed: Change your energy. Cause when you’re in that rut or that struggle space, you have a certain energy that’s got you there. So they need to slowly change like – almost just let it go, be ok with it and then start moving their mindset to a different place and the results will change too.

Interviewer: Ok how do you change your mindset?

Mat Steinwed: Let it stop – I don’t know how long you got for the interview, cause when people are in a rut, they usually have thoughts that match that over time and it hasn’t just happened in 5 minutes. They got to give it space to let it stop flowing. So almost take some time off, go to the beach, go to other stuff, go to the gym. Just take a more relaxed approach and then start thinking about what they generally want. So if they want to – I wanna list a house this month or just something that feels a little bit better than where they were. Not I’m gonna write $500,000 next month, it’s too much. Just something that feels a bit better and you will start feeling your energy feels slowly eased.

Interviewer: Great! Thank you for your time! I really appreciate it!

Mat Steinwed: No problem! Thanks!