RESE 2018 Interview: Julie Masters

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RESE 2018 Interview: Matt Lahood

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RESE 2018 Interview: Toby Johnstone

RESE 2018 Interview: Toby Johnstone

Interviewer: Thanks for coming in and talking at Rese today! It was really great seeing you and you gave us some really good insights in what’s gonna be happening over the next couple of years and also what’s happening currently. For people that didn’t make it here...


Interviewer: Thanks for coming and chatting at Rese today.

Julie Masters: You’re really welcome.

Interviewer: It’s really great to see you again. I actually saw you at Digital Live last year and I found that – yeah, amazing and you’re very inspirational and I never see a lot of you know, great women speak up there on the stage and you’re definitely one of them. So I appreciate you making the time to come to Rese and share all of your wonderful life views and concepts.

Julie Masters: You’re welcome! There is so many amazing female speakers out there. There is just so many, I could tell you 20 right now. I think we’re just starting to see more and more opportunities. So –

Interviewer: Which is really wonderful!

Julie Masters: And what you guys have done here is incredible! Because I’ve been looking at the posters and there’s a great representation of all the wonderfulness that is the diversity of the real estate world, so –

Interviewer: Yeah.

Julie Masters: You did a great job.

Interviewer: Thank you! I appreciate it. So what do you have as your inspiration? What inspires you?

Julie Masters: What inspires me? I’m pretty active in keeping myself inspired. I’ve a podcast that goes out once every two weeks it’s called inside influence and the whole reason for starting that was to keep myself inspired.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Julie Masters: I just have my daughter and I was missing like a quality of conversation or a level of conversation that you don’t get with a toddler and so I started the podcast for that exact reason, that I got to have conversations I wanted to have with people I felt were amazing and if anybody listens to it, that was nice but quite frankly it was more for me than it was for them. And so that keeps me really inspired continually reaching out to amazing minds keeps me really inspired. Working with incredible people and incredible brands keeps me really inspired and I also have an hour that I set aside every week.

Interviewer: Yeah, sure.

Julie Masters: Where I just – it’s in my diary as radar time. And I just go out to the blogs that I follow, I go to all the places that we talked about today being the translator, I go out to all the places that I find interesting and just absorb as much as I can.

Interviewer: That’s a great idea! So you actually have an hour set aside a week where you can learn and grow and get inspired in your own personal time.

Julie Masters: Yes, and then I can share that. So most of the people here who know me relatively well will say that they will get an email from me, at least every couple months that says hey, I read this. I thought you would like it. Everything I absorb I get to share with people who care about or whose success I really care about. And that keeps me connected in another way again. So it kind of spins off.

Interviewer: Yeah, sure. So I know that today you spoke about it as well. I mean people using social media platforms, but actually utilizing them correctly to get engagement. And you speak about the contributing other people. So to the people who weren’t here today, can you just explain a little bit and what you mean by that?

Julie Masters: We talked about the future that won’t belong who outspend, but those who outcontribute and the reason is a lot of the most successful platforms are free. So you can’t outspend your competitors anymore, you can try and just people will take your money, but it’s not the most successful strategy anymore. You can’t outspend or outshout or just get louder than anybody else, because we’re way too savvy now. And you can’t outinterrupt everybody else because as consumers, we’ve got really good at avoiding interruption, fast forwarding ads, closing them popups, blocking popups and all of those things is the standardized traditional playbook marketing which then raises the question what now? And I’m not a social media expert, I am a storytelling expert, I am an influence expert and whether that storytelling and that becoming the translator of your space happens on social media, if that is where the eyes and ears of your consumers are, go there. There’s incredible resources to be had there and it opens doors when it comes to targeting that have never existed before. You could equally do an eBook and you could equally get a book published, you could equally take to the stage and speak, you could equally hold an event for your customers. The platform is irrelevant. What you do on the platform or what you do with the platform that’s what’s important so I don’t want to just make this about social media, because social media isn’t the best way for some companies to communicate.

Interviewer: Yeah. So what is the best, it’s getting to your customers.

Julie Masters: Where the eyes and the ears of your customer are. If your customers are out here, downsizes, I would suggest you don’t check out Pinterest. I would suggest you do something else. So again it’s not about the platform but the contribution and then you find the best platform on the back of that.

Interviewer: That’s great advice! So I know you deal with a lot of leaders in different industries, you mentor quite a lot of people as well. What do you see that – it’s three attributes successful people have that you noticed?

Julie Masters: Three attributes. Number one, I think that they just show up. And that sounds like such a random thing to say that they show up, but it takes a lot to show up day after day, takes a lot to show up to opportunities where you don’t know the rules, takes a lot to fail, takes a lot to show up again after you failed, takes a lot to stand up on a stage in front of people and share what you have to say from a place of certainty. So I would say that they show up over and over again. I would say they also commit to getting match fit, and by that I mean they find their areas of weakness and if it’s something that will take it to the next level, they go hard at it, they practice and find people to help them, they bring in experts, they will – I know leaders who you wouldn’t even imagine who would get up at 5 AM to practice a speech over and over again. So they get the help, they commit to getting match fit. The third one that makes them successful I think they obsess over the data. I think you know you have to know your numbers and I just don’t mean financially, obviously you want to know your numbers. Bigger than that, what’s the data? What are your conversion rates? What marketing channels are converting for you? Which aren’t? What engagement do you and don’t you care about? What gets you where you want to go? I think if you obsess over the metrics, it takes you away from what we were talking about, which was the popularity game. How popular am I? How many people like me on social media and in general? You have to get yourself out of the popularity game. I am not a popular person outside of my circles. I don’t really have any followers on Instagram, I have a few on LinkedIn but I am not in a popularity game, I’m not playing that game.

Interviewer: You contribute to –

Julie Masters: My choice is to have the people who are able to connect with who can amplify my message in a right way, that will bring in the business I am interested in, where I have a level of mastery and I can contribute the highest level. That’s what I’m interested in and if that’s 500 people on speed dial, then that’s what I want. Not gonna put my attention to the wrong metrics. And so I think yeah, those three things.

Interviewer: Sure, excellent! Well I really appreciate you being here!

Julie Masters: You’re welcome! That was amazing!

Interviewer: Yeah, once we came back, I was like we got to get Julie Masters, it’s amazing!

Julie Masters: It was such a good day!

Interviewer: I really appreciate it. Thanks again!

Julie Masters: You’re welcome!