RESE 2018 Interview: Jesse Willcox

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RESE 2018 Interview: Matt Lahood

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Interviewer:  Thanks for coming to Rese today and talking on our panel. I really loved what you said, I got a few laughs out of it which was great. I just wanted to understand what’s your inspiration?

Jesse Willcox:  Good question! Firstly, for me I guess family number one. I’ve got three brothers and we’re all very close and then it’s the cousins and all those – so for me, family and that’s a huge inspiration for me.

Interviewer:  Yeah, so hanging out with them, enjoying the time?

Jesse Willcox:  Exactly! We have 12 cats.

Interviewer:  The ones that feature in your videos all the time.

Jesse Willcox:  Yeah. Again, a big inspiration is driving business right now. We have a fledgling at the moment, a young business that’s growing and for me it’s about waking up every day and you’re doing something that means a lot to you. So fundamentally right now the business really is everything. So it’s a bit – very inspiring thing to know you’re creating something that means a lot to you. It’s not easy –

Interviewer:  So you’re creating a legacy for yourself, aren’t you?

Jesse Willcox:  Yeah, I’d like to think so.

Interviewer:  Which is very cool. So how do you deal with a bad day? A bad day in real estate? Cause we all do have them.

Jesse Willcox:  Yep.

Interviewer:  How do you deal with it?

Jesse Willcox:  Another really good question.

Interviewer:  I think you will say that about all my questions.

Jesse Willcox:  Yeah. How do you have a bad day – usually I will try to grind through it, as crazy as it sounds. Occasionally you might think you have it in the morning and you know if you do the activities, then you will surpass that. I know for me, I’m really big with cold calling so if you have a couple of cold calls it’s easy to get your energy down and say I’m over it, as opposed to go like ok, I’m one no closer to a yes, let’s just keep this and go. That being said, you know, if I have a particular bad day, I might just go home.

Interviewer:  Sure!

Jesse Willcox:  Go home and chill out. One thing I don’t want to do is bring down the energy on the office based on my personal circumstances. We said to our staff as well we’d rather you go home – if you’re not gonna be productive, because it pulls down the productivity of everyone else around you. That’s it.

Interviewer:  Ok and what do you think the three most common attributes are in successful people?

Jesse Willcox:  Great question!

Interviewer:  It’s gone from good to great!

Jesse Willcox:  Yeah. Haesley talked before, attitude. For me it’s fundamentally the most important thing. Skills again, is important, but doesn’t come close to attitude. And then for me, energy. So if you got the right attitude energy in all these things, then the skills will come with it. But we know that again we have to work and you have high energy around all those things you do. You have the right attitude and people see that and eventually you’re over it. So we hire on attitude and energy and not skill.

Interviewer:  I agree with that, these are the two main things you have to hire people on. Yeah. Well thank you very much for your time today. I really appreciate it.

Jesse Willcox:  Thank you!

Interviewer:  And putting you on the spot. It was great talking to you.

Jesse Willcox:  Wonderful. Thanks for having me!

Interviewer:  Thanks, Jesse!