RESE 2018 Interview: Haesley Cush

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RESE 2018 Interview: Matt Lahood

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Interviewer: Thanks for coming and speaking today.

Haesley Cush: Pleasure!

Interviewer: It was really good, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve never heard you speak. I only met you out in restaurants and having fun. I’ve never actually heard you speak.

Haesley Cush: I’m glad you liked it.

Interviewer: Yeah, really enjoyed it. So what is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Haesley Cush: I get lots of advice. So I’m trying to mold life and work. I think at the end you get what you give. So in your relationship, if you give a lot home, you tend to get a bit back. If you give a lot to your client, you tend to get a lot back. And sometimes it’s a little bit of sacrifice that’s coming of that, you’re giving things that you might not want to give, but the more the people give that’s hard, the more they get back it seems to be a little bit better. You definitely get back what you give, in most areas.

Interviewer: yeah so in all parts of your life.

Haesley Cush: Yeah, you know I was talking to someone the other night and they said the wife was upset with them because they’re not doing enough at home. And he said what do you want me to do? And make the bed, empty the dishwasher, and get the kids ready for school. He said if I do that every day you’re happy? She said you won’t. So he made it a practice to do it every day and he said the relationship has never been better and yeah. The whole relationship seems to be moving better just giving a bit more and making a little sacrifice. Not that hard.

Interviewer: No and that’s working as a team and I think you want to do it with your partner.

Haesley Cush: That’s it, you’re right.

Interviewer: So what are the 3 attributes you think successful people have?

Haesley Cush: I think they have a world rounded view, so they look at – they have a direction so they’ve got – and the direction can move, but they’re hunting something it’s not just wake up and see, not turn on the computer and see the emails they’ve got. So they have a target. And they tend to know key elements about their business. So for example in real estate, I know that how I feel is important, how I look is important, the quality of the material I put out is important and I have relevant information about the topics I’m going to discuss. It can’t be flowery, they need to have a plan around all of those parts. So they really are successful people, they know their product, and they have a plan and a direction that they go to. Does that answer the question?

Interviewer: Yeah, definitely! So what’s your inspiration?

Haesley Cush: You know, I get inspiration out of lots of different things. I do lots of charity auctions and one of the joyful things about doing charity auctions if you get constantly reminded of these events, how lucky you are. You know? So you go and do something for underprivileged people and you realize how fortunate we are, you go and do something for sick kids and you realize how lucky you are that your kids aren’t sick. So it allows you to be grateful and I have this little affirmation – don’t tease me –

Interviewer: I believe in affirmation.

Haesley Cush: Do you?

Interviewer: Yeah, I definitely do.

Haesley Cush: I said – I was having an off day and said I’m lucky. I was born in Australia, I’m in love and have 3 happy healthy children. What else? You know? And so again, inspired but I take my inspiration from other people doing things. You see the areas where you should have done it, we’re not all perfect, so you see the areas where you made a mistake or you haven’t gone that extra mile and someone benefited and you go I should have done that. So yeah, the inspiration comes a lot, but for me it’s really out of the gratitude and they are going like where we live, we’re lucky with what we do and the choices we have.

Interviewer: So looking every day at how grateful you are for what you have.

Haesley Cush: Yeah, especially on those days where you’re like I’ve got a bad day or a big day coming. Come on, what’s a bad day for us? A hard phone call? It’s not that bad.

Interviewer: Yeah, let’s look at the reality. I suppose that comes to my next question. Which is how do you overcome a bad day that we do have sometimes in real estate?

Haesley Cush: Do you know what? It’s doing presentations like this, that you and I share what I think people should do but sometimes we give better advice than we take and because I get to do this a lot, I’m reminded to give other people advice on what they should do which reminds me what I should do. So I do have a set of things that I know if I’m off, that I need to – so last night, I went out to dinner and I thought the kids were a bit off last night and I was tired. I’m not at a 10 right now, one of the things that put me in a good mood, listen to the song that gets me excited.

Interviewer: What’s that song?

Haesley Cush: Actually at the moment it’s an old son, it’s Paul Simon’s me and Julio down by the schoolyard and I got my little 2-year-old boy and we sit and dance around and so we listen to that. I put on the suit that fits really well, make sure I smell good, eat a big breakfast, had a few phone conversations with people that always cheer me up and it elevates my mood.

Interviewer: So pretty much exactly the advice you gave to the people in the conference.

Haesley Cush: Sometimes we give the advice and don’t do it, but with the big responsibility that I have, I find myself doing it and it’s working and then you tend to do it a bit more.

Interviewer: Great! Thank you for that, Haesley!

Haesley Cush: You’re welcome!

Interviewer: Really appreciate your time today.

Haesley Cush: Anytime!

Interviewer: See you soon!

Haesley Cush: Bye!