RESE 2018 Interview: Dick Karlsson

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RESE 2018 Interview: Matt Lahood

RESE 2018 Interview: Matt Lahood

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RESE 2018 Interview: Toby Johnstone

RESE 2018 Interview: Toby Johnstone

Interviewer: Thanks for coming in and talking at Rese today! It was really great seeing you and you gave us some really good insights in what’s gonna be happening over the next couple of years and also what’s happening currently. For people that didn’t make it here...


Interviewer: It was great seeing you get up and speak to everyone today. I just wanted to get a few takeaways for some people that didn’t get to Rese to see you. I know you obviously come a long way to be here so we appreciate it.

Dick Karlsson: Thank you!

Interviewer: You spoke about a lot of consumer behaviors that you’re seeing out there at the moment. I just wanted to see if you could talk to me about that.

Dick Karlsson: I think from the perspective of all of us as consumers, not just real estate, I believe firmly that the speed factor is the one that will drive consumer behavior even more. Looking at Netflix, we want it now, at our fingertips and I think from the perspective of agents getting a consumer perspective and not just listening in but coming back to respond to our customers. As an agent, really understanding that we’re all timed for it and I think that consumer behavior will affect everything. Not just real estate, but overall.

Interviewer: Yeah, sure. I think you spoke a lot about the speed of getting back to people and you were talking about percentages of people dropping off to actually use you as an agent. Depending on the speed of time. Can you talk more about that?

Dick Karlsson: This is not just in real estate. The research says we as consumers and this is overall, it could be banking, insurance, whatever you want, if you get back to that or get in contact within 5 minutes, of course you want it directly, but within at least 5 minutes, it’s a 95% opportunity for you or probability that you will get the business. If you’re down to an hour, it’s down to 50% and if down to 24 hours it’s now down to 5%. So when you call Qantas, you’re on the phone for 45 minutes – extremely frustrating. You hang up, you call Virgin and do something else.

Interviewer: Or you jump online.

Dick Karlsson: Yeah, if they are.

Interviewer: Yeah, let’s try it, exactly! Ok and also you were talking with marketing strategies and creating engagement. What’s your tips on that?

Dick Karlsson: I think from a perspective as consumers who are looking to buy property, I want to get engaged and I want to interact and I want to do it on my time. Again, you have to be available on the mobile and tablet and every one, but also from the perspective of – we want to go really open in the end but before I get there, just want to see all the aspects of the property. Could be furnishings, just restyle it, could again walk through it. And that kind of engagement, that basically takes the consumer on 5-10-15 minutes of engagement. As an agent, if you can monitor that and see too to that that gets in front of the open and then after the open, your customer experience and cut through will just go through the roof.

Interviewer: Sure! So you’re talking about engagement in time on site and actually checking properties and agents out.

Dick Karlsson: Yeah and going deep. When you’re providing content that is not just a photograph and a plan, really doing that extra, again if it’s photo panorama tour and there’s a furnish application, whatever it is that builds engagement and again since –

Interviewer: Obviously video.

Dick Karlsson: Yeah, video absolutely. And I think everything that really gets the transparency and the honesty out there beyond photography and plans, I think – I know that’s a key driver.

Interviewer: Yeah, sure. Ok. Is there anything else that you want to share with the guys today?

Dick Karlsson: No, I think from the perspective of me, we’re talking about new innovation coming in and not just in real estate. These Uber, Netflix, it’s a prospective actually getting there for the long run, it’s not talking about prospecting but consumers and your customers as a long lifetime relationship. I think that it’s – the market won’t get easier but the ones that really hang in there and really put that extra effort, they will prosper. I think you will see a division in the market and the people that were making easy money, they will go in the market and I think the ones that are you and Coronis really pushing to the market, you will prosper.

Interviewer: Yeah, sure. So really focusing on marketing and benefits for your consumer, create engagement for them. It’s a benefit to them rather than focusing on yourself as an agent.

Dick Karlsson: 100%. Really it’s your consumer, you have to show the value, you have to earn to be their trusted advisor cause they need help. They’re calling you – when they call you they want help and they want it now. If you can facilitate that, you’re the choice 100%.

Interviewer: Sure. And make sure speed is the key.

Dick Karlsson: Speed, consistency and I think those things are best.

Interviewer: Yeah, that’s a great takeaway! Thanks and congratulations on the change with your business. That’s very exciting for you!

Dick Karlsson: Thank you so much!

Interviewer: Thanks for having us!

Dick Karlsson: Thank you! Bye!