RESE 2018 Interview: Cynthia Morton

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RESE 2018 Interview: Matt Lahood

RESE 2018 Interview: Matt Lahood

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RESE 2018 Interview: Toby Johnstone

RESE 2018 Interview: Toby Johnstone

Interviewer: Thanks for coming in and talking at Rese today! It was really great seeing you and you gave us some really good insights in what’s gonna be happening over the next couple of years and also what’s happening currently. For people that didn’t make it here...


Interviewer: So thanks for coming and seeing us at Rese!

Cynthia Morton: My pleasure!

Interviewer: I really enjoyed it. I’ve seen you a few times over the last 12 months and every time I take something more out of it and I really appreciate that, because I think it brings you down to a ground level of feeling your emotions which I think is really, really important. So I just wanted to ask you a few quick questions, and to share with people that couldn’t make it here today. So where do you find your inspiration?

Cynthia Morton: Well, being a wordsmith that I am, just the word “inspire”—it’s about that internal journey, cause if we don’t inspire, we expire. And spire being like a spiral, so for me, I meditate every day. When I put booze and drugs down, I needed to find some way to get a reward system and to find a core. So my inspiration comes just from that quiet, connected time in the morning, before anyone else has gotten up, just before I start my day and you know, I just connect mother nature and father time and I just love beauty and hope. It’s kind of like charging up the batter pack, that kind of keeps the inspiration as life is good and it’s lots to be grateful for and kind of that keeps me going, that internal connection.

Interviewer: Yeah, sure. Ok, so when you obviously do have bad days, because we all have them, how do you bounce back?

Cynthia Morton: Sometimes you know, you can’t bounce back there and then cause we’re not robots. Sometimes we’re having a bad day cause we won’t stop and we need downtime and I had one of my corporate client come into a session the other day saying after the previous session they actually stood on my driveway as I was leaving and decided to go to bed. And they did what I could do to therapy. So sometimes you know, there’s a time when we do need to soldier on, but I think there’s also times we need to self-care. And the best way to bounce back, sometimes when the computer plans what we do, we shut it down and turn it back on.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Cynthia Morton: And sometimes the best way to bounce back is to shut everything down, all those tabs in our brain, shut everything down, sleep recess the brain and then you actually can start again.

Interviewer: Yeah, I think that’s great advice! I know that feeling. What attributes do you think that success for people have? What would you think the top 3 are? People you say they are successful, what does it look like?

Cynthia Morton: Well it depends what you’re measuring success by but for me success has an abundant external and internal life. And abundance not meaning necessarily a lot of material wealth, but a lot of love and joy and beauty and hope. You know – so I think success is a byproduct. I always say to people self-respect is your ultimate currency and if you have an abundance of self-respect, that’s an energy. You think of Clint Eastwood or Morgan Freeman; they are like lions. Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren they have this self-respect going on and you don’t mess with them. So self-respect number one. The capacity to give and receive love number two. So that’s that kind of being sensitive and open, but at the same time I think number 3 you got to be out of focus, head down and bum up single focus and do the work. You got to have effort and work ethic and I would say that combo would be the top 3.

Interviewer: Yeah, sure! I definitely agree with you, it’s how you benchmark success. People think success has to be a whole life and not just in business. You need to be having you know, good relationships outside of work and other successes as well.

Cynthia Morton: And also that success is different in different decades. I’m 56, by the time I’m in my 6th decade, I have time to look after grandchildren. For me that would be success and in the 20s and 30s it was different.

Interviewer: That must be sooner now that your son has got engaged.

Cynthia Morton: I know.

Interviewer: So congratulations on that and thank you so much for coming today. We really appreciate it.

Cynthia Morton: My pleasure! I loved coming. So much warmth and feedback and the emails I get after your events, you have a lot of heart centered people who strive to be the best version of themselves.

Interviewer: Well we really want to grow their lives as well as obviously their teams lives and all the people we have in our business. Yeah.

Cynthia Morton: Thank you! My pleasure!