Real Estate Specialist Event Conference 2018

The Real Estate Sales Event (RESE) is designed to take your career to the Next Level.

26 - 27th Jul 2018

9am – 5pm

W Hotel Brisbane

81 N Quay
Brisbane City QLD 4000


Early-Bird: $499
Full price: $649

RESE 2018 – Day 2 Wrap Up

Check out RESE Day 2 wrap up video below and click the speakers names for their key takeaways. If your passionate about it, master it, then own it!

What Million Dollar Agents Do But Won’t Tell You - Tom Panos
  • I don’t like scripts either, I like telling the truth efficiently. Never use 1000 words when 50 will do.
  • There’s no more blind dates in business, everyone knows everyone. People make a decision before they meet you, they already have a virtual relationship with you. Understand the number one thing you can control is your brand. Everything you do is building or destroying your brand equity.
  • Speak to current buyers, current sellers and future sellers – that’s all I want you to do. And never leave them with information that doesn’t make them smarter at the end of each call.
  • The biggest KPI is the number of appointments you set. Number of appointments determines success in real estate.
  • “Not all real estate agents are the same, the cheapest agent and the best agent are generally not the same agent”.
  • Everything you post on social media should help the consumers. Never post to impress other agents, they aren’t going to pay you.

“A listing presentation is about finding a solution, you can’t do that without connecting, communicating and listening.”

Global Real Estate Disruption - Dick Karlsson

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  • We are no long Generation X or Y, we are Generation CX: we give the customer what they want, when they want, how they want (before they even know it)
  • 2018 is the digital world, we are competing with the best customer experience you’ve ever had. Consumers demand for better experience across all elements of your brand
  • Build your business around the consumer. All your initiatives should focus on a better experience and an easier process for your clients.
  • You have to choose whether you’re going to sink, swim, or even better make waves – Erik Wikander, CEO of Maklarhuset
  • Disruption: to change the traditional way that an industry operates, especially in a new and effective way. Disruption can either happen to you or because of you. Steps to disruption: perfect every customer touchpoint.

“If you’re in real estate and hesitant about what you want to do, then get the fuck out. It’s a tough business. If you find it’s your passion, than go for it.”

How to Dominate Your Market Share - Marcus Chiminello

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  • What’s the most likely task or phone call that is going to make you money today? Make that call. The next time you feel off track, just think of that.
  • Build a specialist team, a team specific market, so no people are doing the same job and everyone knows what their jobs and tasks are.
  • Go back to basics: face to face – the most important tasks, private appointments, hit the phone not the send button. I will have no less than 25 face to face appointments with potential sellers per week.
  • The fit database – all about quality and not quantity. Focus on the long game. Focus on a market on where you want to grow to, not where you want to stay.
  • 20/80, the top 80 clients of my database formulation 100% of my business. Always F2F, coffee catch up, lunches, the highest value and quality contact.
  • Clean your database, write a list of your best clients (best referrers, best homes), categorise your clients, and nurture.
  • Become the most favourite agent in your marketplace but for the right reasons. Be in contact with the right people and get the results.
  • Key action steps: daily commitment plan, cleanse your database, avoid time thieves, get bigger not better, power hours 10.

“Just do it better than anyone else – success is that simple. As human beings we tend to over compliment things, but just do it better than anyone else.”

The Art of Digital Marketing - Julie Masters

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  • What makes an influencer? It is not money, force, aggression or extrovertist. Influencing is presence, public profile, charismatic, successful, leaders… but let’s take it up a notch.
  • A new age of influence – we’re in the first 5 years of it. We’re able to connect, engage and immobilise on it in incredible short periods of time. Digital has changed the game.
  • Own your space. To own it you need to know what it is, to identify it. People who own their space (micro influences) get 4 x more engagement than macro influences. And that’s what you want, engagement and action
  • Contribution: the future belongs to those who out contribute and not those who outspend their competitors. Why? All the most effective channels are free, so you can no longer out-spend, out-shout or out-interrupt.
  • People want to follow translators… dissect all the information and filter the world so its easy to understand.
  • Where are the eyes and ears of your marketplace.. that’s where you need to spend your marketing time and effort.

“Secret to success: choose one thing and master it. Then choose a second thing and master that. Once you master both, bring them together to create your mastered microspace.”

Wealth Creation - Andrew Coronis

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  • Thank about what your life would be like if you didn’t have to worry about money. What time of mother, father, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or daughter would you be? You can do this from today on if you CHOOSE.
  • If you’re struggling with money, you’re not doing enough in your community. Money is the currency for good work. The more good work you do, the more currency you get.
  • What’s your vision in 5 years’ time? Draw a picture, stick it on your wall, and watch yourself do exactly that. Stick it somewhere and look at it every day.
  • Secret to financial freedom: Find your why and spend less than you earn.
  • There will be a time where you have to sacrifice. You can choose to do it now, while you’re young, early in your career and able. Or will you choose to do it when you’re approaching retirement?
  • 4 simple steps: dream – get a clear vision of your life in 10 years, make a promise and write it down, set a plan – break it down/dream team, never quit until you’ve completed it.
  • Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever quit.

“If you earn $1 but spend $2, you‘ll go broke. But if you earn $2 and spend $1, you’ll win.”

Social, Content and the Future of PropTec - Toby Johnstone
  • Most social media users aren’t shopping for property, they are looking for local agents who sell a property like theirs.
  • 5% of Brisbane property searches are coming from overseas while 7% of Gold Coast property searches are coming from overseas.
  • Why content is important – a trusted source of info for buyers and sellers, provides a platform for you to hero and market to, it drives leads and cuts through the noise in a disruptive and competitive digital landscape.
  • Most engaging hashstags – #dreamhome #deco #bosshomes #interiorarchitecture #interiorstyle #home #inspiration.
  • The big developments in voice, AR and AI will be things that solve existing consumers pain points, and help them reach their goal in the shortest time frame possible

“The world is mobile. There are 7.6 billion people on the planet, 4.02 billion with internet and 3.69 billion on social, who on average spend 6 hours a day on social media.”

Master Your Performance - Pauline Nguyen

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  • I don’t view my competitors as competitors, I see myself as my main competitor.
  • Why waste my energy worrying about what others are doing.
  • “Persistency is the new currency, we have succeeded cause we have the most grit”
  • “The universe rewards the unreasonably determined”
  • Innovation is taking the ways we have done things, shaken up, then picking out what doesn’t work and replacing it with new systems.
  • “It is not just survival of the fittest, it is the survival of the most fitting.”
  • The game of business mastery is the game of mastering influence, the first thing we must master is ourselves.
  • Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.
  • Fail fast but get up quickly. Keep swinging the bat.

“The universe will only hand you which it knows you can handle.”