RESE 2018 – Andrew Coronis

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RESE 2018 – Matt Lahood

RESE 2018 – Matt Lahood

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RESE 2018 – Sherrie Storor

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RESE 2018 – Nyree Ewings

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Interviewer: Andrew!

Andrew Coronis: Karuna!

Interviewer: It was great to see you up on the Rese stage today.

Andrew Coronis: How exciting!

Interviewer: Loved your Ronald McDonald socks.

Andrew Coronis: Yeah.

Interviewer: We don’t hear much about wealth creation and real estate conferences very often. It’s usually all about performance and not actually much about what you actually do with your money when you make it.

Andrew Coronis: Yes.

Interviewer: So for people out there that haven’t got to the starting point, what would be your number one tip for them? Start doing and putting to action today?

Andrew Coronis: Pretty simple. Spend less than you earn. There you go. I think it was said this yesterday, Haesley Cush said that the studies are that everything around 70k in our society you don’t need to, it’s just lifestyle gets better. So the trick would be when your income starts lifting from the training that you’re doing is to pretend you’re on 70k for the next years and whatever you earn put into property and income producing assets.

Interviewer: Yeah, sure. Ok and I also – a big philosophy in the business at Coronis is that you want to grow people’s lives and make sure they have financial freedom and a winning career. Why is that so important for you in the real estate industry?

Andrew Coronis: I saw my dad struggle, struggle to pay school fees, telephone bills and I just never wanted to be in that situation, struggling. I mean we had a wonderful lifestyle, we went to private schools and had a great house, loving, caring house, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I thought for myself why not add this really big financial security and I had done that for myself and the people around me and I get a lot of joy out of helping everybody else. So I really I don’t understand not wanting to be financially secure, I can’t get my head around it, I can’t understand having big credit card debts and not having a future. I think it’s modern slavery and that’s dead. And I get really pissed off and passionate about the fact that people earn good coin and spend it on inappropriate things and eventually that burns out – that’s why there’s depression in our industry and anxiety. Because they look back after working hard for 2 years and say I got nothing more than when I started.

Interviewer: In the industry there’s also these people earning good money and not doing great things with it. But in the business at Coronis it’s so passionate for you – why is it so passionate for you to make it happen for your team?

Andrew Coronis: Very much because you just said it. They’re my team and I’m responsible for them. If you’re on my team, I take that as an honor, your life has to get better because you’re part of the Coronis family. If not, 2 things will happen. You will grow and get better or you shouldn’t be part of the team and I’m cool with that.

Interviewer: So you’re named as one of the best thought leaders around the country.

Andrew Coronis: Yes.

Interviewer: So what do you think makes a good leader?

Andrew Coronis: Inquisitive. I want to learn every day, I read every day, I follow every blog every day, I find time in the morning and at night before I got to bed to read about my passion which is profiting. We’re on this earth for a short period and I would like to leave a mark and people to say in the end Andrew Coronis added more in this world than he took. That’s why I want to become the best there is in the industry in Australia, even Australasia. I think we limit ourselves too much as Australian real estate agents and property people, we’re some of the best in the industry and I’ve been around the world. So learning is how I do it and continuing learning cause I just love it, I love getting better every day.

Interviewer: So people do want to progress from that sales person into a great leader. What do you think the top 3 things they should do now?

Andrew Coronis: Yeah, nice call! They have good leadership training – I would go and work – I’d get a dream team around me. I would work for someone that’s an inspiring leader, copy them and I would eventually if you want to go and open up your own office, go into a partnership with that person. So firstly you have to get a good mentor, you’ve got to commit to it and it’s gonna be a lifetime commitment. Not if it doesn’t happen in 2 years, not a quick thing, it just doesn’t happen. It has to be a 5-10 year phase and then you will get financial security around yourself. So if and when things don’t go well, you got enough rainy day money so you can withstand some of the lows in the industry.

Interviewer: Thank you! Really appreciate your time!

Andrew Coronis: How cool was Rese! How good are you too by the way? You were great! Thanks!

Interviewer: Thanks!