Real Estate Specialist Event Conference 2018

The Real Estate Sales Event (RESE) is designed to take your career to the Next Level.

26 - 27th Jul 2018

9am – 5pm

W Hotel Brisbane

81 N Quay
Brisbane City QLD 4000


Early-Bird: $499
Full price: $649

RESE 2018 – Day 1 Wrap Up

Check out RESE Day 1 wrap up video below and click the speakers names for their key takeaways. Remember, an idea without implementation is just an idea.

High-Performance Mindset / Winning Business through Laws of Attraction - Mat Steinwede

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  • What’s your fire? Is it out of control? Find out WHY you do what you do and devote your life to it.
  • Our job as agents is to create stock that is invisible. If you have a listing problem, you have a prospecting problem. Don’t get caught up in rejection, it’ll paralyse you. Remember your WHY, stay in your lane and become the best.
  • “Success is a direct result of how you make people feel. Real estate is an energy game, not a scripted and dialogue game.”
  • Laws of attraction are the reasons you win new business. You 100% control your energy. What you think about is important. Your constant thought creates emotion and excitement.
  • What’s the next level for you? What’s it’s going to take to be the greatest you can be?

“A listing presentation is about finding a solution, you can’t do that without connecting, communicating and listening.”

How to run an Effective Business Unit - Alexandra Porter

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  • Write down your goals and positive affirmations
  • Write them in future tense, so it helps you think you’ve already achieved it
  • Persevere through the bad so you can enjoy the good
  • Burnout is real – create a great team. Learn and grow together by sharing the highs and lows of real estate.
  • Ensure this team compliments you.  If you’re not good at something, hire someone who is. Spend your time doing dollar productive business
  • Ensure the people you hire have an excellent work ethic – real estate is not a 5pm clock off job. Flexibility yes, but people who sit there watching the clock isn’t ok.

“Build a team that compliments you and clearly define everyone’s roles so that your buyers get as much love as your sellers.”

Moods and Choices - Haesley Cush

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  • “People love to refer people who do a good job”
  • Success is more than just money. To be successful you have to have success in every bucket; relationships, finance and health.
  • When you have success in every bucket, you’ll watch your business grow. Remember, successful outcomes are fuelled by activities which comes from an emotional foundation.
  • “You are the product, no one knows you better than you. If you’re feeling “off”, know what it takes to turn back “on”.
  • The currency of life is how you feel. You’ll get a better ROI if you feel good. The magic is knowing what you have to do to be successful.

“Set a target, plan, structure and then measure. If you’re not hitting your target, it’s one of 3 things. Skills need improving, there’s a lag or the activities are wrong.”

Mindset and Emotional Fitness - Cynthia Morton

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  • Take your heart out of your survival mode and explore the emotional literacy and the effect heart trauma can have on a human.
  • Find tools that help you hearticulate your truth with confidence, clarity and calm assertion.
  • Tuning in to yourself and being in sync with what you are feeling, so you can ride the highs and lows of your career.
  • Be in touch with both your feminine and masculine sides. You need to have a balance to be a complete person internally.
  • What do you judge success on? It’s more than just business, it’s about being a whole person.
  • We all have an addiction whether it’s great or small, and whatever it is, it can be overcome.

“The two hardest assignments in life – to live happily ever after with yourself and the other is to live happily ever after with an intimate other.”

How To Get Listings From Listings - Justin Nickerson

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  • Steer away from price-based conversation and towards the speed of sale
  • Motivation creates interest which creates better price
  • Target your photos and property descriptions towards the house’s key audience. Use your headline effectively. Don’t waste it
  • Your role is not to sell the property, but help make an informed decision on behalf of the vendors
  • Effective headings make the sellers appear motivated. “Waterfront Property For Sale” …that’s obvious… “Vendor Needs to Sell” creates urgency, therefore more interest

“Motivation creates interest which creates a better price.”

Leadership in 2018 - Matt Lahood

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  • Do you practice what you preach?
  • If you’re a team leader, you need to meet every week and discuss; what’s not working, where’s the challenges, where do we need to improve.
  • Real leaders empower people
  • How a leader should make their team feel; safe, empowered, understood, confident
  • The best advice I offer other agents is to work with your buyers and over-service your vendors. Offer a service that never lets your buyers or vendors forget you.
  • There’s two marketplaces; one out there – GFC, housing market, interest rates etc. and the other one is in between your ears and how you think. You can only control one of them.
  • Key leadership qualities; approachable, listener, empathetic, good energy, take the fall, share the glory.
  • Leadership in real estate today; move with the changing marketplace, guide through the changes, re-invention; self and business, flexibility, adapt to new work structures and technology.

“If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less” – stay relevant, with your team, kids and peers.”