RESE 2018 – Alexandra Porter

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RESE 2018 – Matt Lahood

RESE 2018 – Matt Lahood

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RESE 2018 – Sherrie Storor

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RESE 2018 – Nyree Ewings

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Interviewer: Thanks for speaking at Rese today, Alex! That was awesome!

Alexandra Porter: Thank you!

Interviewer: I just wanted to get your number one prospecting activity that you would suggest that every agent does.

Alexandra Porter: I definitely recommend prospecting on the markets. So people that have been longer than 60 days on the market is always a go to for me.

Interviewer: Ok is that a source you also use yourself?

Alexandra Porter: Not so much anymore but in my earlier days in real estate, I started doing these markets and for sale by owners as well but as I’ve come through, I now let my assistants do that for me and now I concentrate on my past clients and my current appraisal follow-ups.

Interviewer: But it’s still in your process.

Alexandra Porter: Yeah sure!

Interviewer: And what’s the best advice that you’ve ever received? Doesn’t have to be real estate based.

Alexandra Porter: It is real estate based. With the career I think you need to find someone really successful and copy everything they do. I was taught that early on and I always tried to learn from industry’s best agents and even in Coronis around the top agents in the business because that helped me learn from their mistakes.

Interviewer: So what would be your number one tip for struggling agents?

Alexandra Porter: I definitely think you have to go back to prospecting. So I’ve always prospected in the mornings every day and I think if you maintain that consistency, you will always get more listings. I think often agents fall in a hole because they aren’t doing the actions. So I think you got to keep it simple, get back to doing prospecting and doing the actions every day.

Interviewer: Sure! So Alex, what are the 3 things you think the elite agents do differently out there in the industry?

Alexandra Porter: Prospecting. So I think the consistency with prospecting is a really big one and they do that every day or every week and make sure they always do it. The 2nd thing would be looking after their clients. That way they get referral business and have that attention to detail with their clients to follow through, not over promising and under delivering but being true to their word. And the third thing is resilience, so it’s a pretty tough journey and it’s a bit of a rollercoaster ride so I find that if you get through that, and always persist through the low times, then the high times will be there.

Interviewer: Awesome! Thank you for your energy and effort today, Alex. It really means a lot to us.

Alexandra Porter: Thank you!

Interviewer: I’m looking forward to chatting again soon!

Alexandra Porter: Ok, thanks Karuna!

Interviewer: See you!

Alexandra Porter: Bye!