Personal branding is imperative to a Real Estate Agent’s success. Selling yourself is just as important as selling the property, return and referred business can be the difference between falling short and exceeding your targets. Have a look at these areas and have a think of how you can improve moving forward.
Believe in yourself
A common trend amongst successful individuals is their mid set. If you believe in yourself and imagine success, you are more likely to succeed. Confidence is key, but also remember that arrogance is not a professional look.
Build relationships
Building relationships and friendships with clients and colleagues alike can prove instrumental in your success. Being honest, acting with integrity, putting your client’s first or helping a colleague will build your reputation and display your character.
Put in the extra effort
Expanding on the previous point, go the extra mile with your clients and take time to understand them by adding personal touches like flowers or thank you notes. Deeds like these can leave a good impression and help people to remember you which will lead to repeat and referred business.
Physical vs Digital
As new technology becomes easily accessible, consider how you can use those digital tools to improve communication and interaction. There will always be a place for face-to-face meetings and word of mouth marketing but maximise this potential by using a combination of direct and digital channels.
Continue to learn
The real estate industry never stops, which is why it’s imperative to continually learn. Signing up to industry newsletters, searching the latest trends, watching online content can help refine an agent’s skills.